Dog in Gas Chamber

Dog in Gas Chamber

The legislation on a ban on the gas chamber came at the request of Defenders of Animals because the organization was convinced that the device was an inhumane method for euthanizing dogs and cats.

The General Assembly passed Senator John J. Tassoni’s bill in (2005 – Senate version. It provides for the disposal of animals by lethal injection only.

The House version was introduced by Representative Charlene M. Lima (D) who represents District 14 in Cranston and Providence. Representative Lima serves as the Deputy Speaker.

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Defenders of Animals supported dog protection legislation becomes law in Rhode Island.
Defenders of Animals supported dog protection legislation becomes law in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island General Assembly passes Rep. Joseph Solomon’s bill that prohibits keeping dogs outside in extreme temperatures

The new law would make it a violation to keep any dog outside when the ambient temperature is beyond the industry standard for the weather safety scale as set forth in the most recent adopted version of the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Weather Safety Scale. The Tufts Safety Scale, developed at Tufts University, was designed to help animal control officers, cruelty investigators, veterinarians, and others more accurately determine the condition of a potentially neglected dog. “It is important,” said Representative Solomon, “not only to help protect defenseless dogs, but to make certain that those who mistreat them face serious consequences.”
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