Dog in Gas Chamber

Dog in Gas Chamber

The legislation on a ban on the gas chamber came at the request of Defenders of Animals because the organization was convinced that the device was an inhumane method for euthanizing dogs and cats.

The General Assembly passed Senator John J. Tassoni’s bill in (2005 – Senate version. It provides for the disposal of animals by lethal injection only.

The House version was introduced by Representative Charlene M. Lima (D) who represents District 14 in Cranston and Providence. Representative Lima serves as the Deputy Speaker.

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According to a report from the RI Department of Environmental Management Division of Fish and Wildlife issued May 2, 2012, (2011-12) in their RI White-Tailed Deer Status Report, there were a number of Deer Auto Strikes (accidents involving a vehicle and deer) in Rhode Island, including the following list of communities that allow deer hunting.

When you consider these percentage increases regarding deer and auto collisions, it is clear that deer hunting does not decrease the number of deer auto strikes. To date (2011-12), 2,413 deer have been killed by hunters.

In spite of the high number of deer killed by hunters throughout RI, deer and auto accidents have increased in 74% of Rhode Island’s 38 communities.

Based on these statistics, there is no evidence that would remotely indicate that establishing a hunting season in Lincoln would decrease the number of deer auto strikes.

The following communities have allowed deer hunting for years. When you look at the increases in the percentage of deer auto strikes in these communities that allow deer hunting, killing deer is not the answer.

What is clear is what the National Insurance Institute stated years ago; namely, that the deer mating season and the hunting season happening at the same time is a major factor in vehicle deer collisions throughout the United States since they both contribute to the movement of deer.

The seven communities listed below have all had a significant number of deer killed by hunters for decades including last year; yet, the most recent status report shows significant percentage increases in deer and vehicle accidents for the 2011-12 period.

Why would a deer hunting season reduce collisions in Lincoln when it has not worked in other Rhode Island communities that have deer hunting seasons?

Look at some of the towns below that allow deer hunting and the increases in deer/auto collisions.

New Shoreham (Block Island) 150%
Scituate 107%
Tiverton 77%
Glocester 59%
Little Compton 50%
East Greenwich 44%
Coventry 39%

PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING Lincoln, RI officials and ask them not to allow deer hunting in Lincoln:

Council Members:
Arthur S. Russo, Jr.
District 1 - Saylesville/Fairlawn

James R. Jahnz - Vice President
District 4 - Albion

John W. Flynn
District 2 - Lonsdale

Keith E. Macksoud - President
District 3 - Limerock

Kenneth G. Pichette
District 5 - Manville

T. Joseph Almond, Town Administrator
Phone (401) 333-8419

Dennis Tabella, Director of Defenders of Animals, Inc.
Posted on Oct 07, 2012 by defenders
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